New headache for Mahesh's Spyder

THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 03,2017 , 11:14 AM IST


Superstar Mahesh Babu was recently seen in the thriller film SPYder. AR Muragadoss directed the film that hit the theatres on the 27th of the last month. The film opened to a mixed talk from everywhere but the makers are satisfied with the overall response from the audiences.

Now, the latest information is that the movie has landed in a big controversy. From the beginning, the makers tried their best to avoid all the unnecessary controversies and still, they had to face one. The president of State Gravedigger’s Association, Hyderabad has complained that the flashback episodes of film’s antagonist which show his disturbing child that revolves around a burial ground are a false portrayal. This is something that was never expected from everyone. 

But, the members of the association have said that the scenes in the film have thrown them in a poor light which is hurting them. They have demanded the immediate removal of such scenes.

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