Detective Movie Review
Detective Movie Review

 Vishal, the versatile actor in South film industry has met us today in the theatres as Detective. His latest film is titled as Detective which is the dubbed version of the Tamil film Thupparivalan. The film also stars Anu Emmanuel and Andrea in the key roles. Mysskin is the director of the film. The review of the film is presented here. Check it out.


Advaitha Bhushan (Vishal) is a private detective who is looking out for one huge case that interests him. In the process, he accepts a case of chasing the mystery behind the death of a dog. As he slowly moves forward with the case, he comes across some challenges that are connected to the dog's death and finds there is a gang behind this which is the reason for the death of few other people in the city. What did Advaitha Bhushan do then and how did he chase the mystery forms the rest of the story.


Vishal is perfect in the role of the detective as an aggressive person. His costume could have been better in the film. Prasanna who played Hero's friend in the film is good and delivered a subtle performance. Anu Emmanuel made her Tamil debut with the film and did not have much scope to perform. 

Andrea has played another interesting role in the film and she is good as per her character limitations. Vinay Roy is perfect as an antagonist in the film. All the actors did justice for their roles.

Technical Aspects:

Aral Corelli's BGM is excellent and it is good that there are no songs in the film. The BGM is a huge plus point for the film. The camera work of the film is superb. The editing could have been better. The story and screenplay are engaging. The commercial aspects are also good in the film but it is unsure if the mass audiences can connect to this movie.


The film is highly inspired by Hollywood films based on Sherlock Homles. The storyline is very thin. The film goes in a regular format as this genre demands it. The investigation process in the crime thrillers always happens as per a strategy and formula. Cracking a clue and entering the next level of the investigation is the standard format of the investigation and the same happens in this film as well.

 The suspense behind the entire process is opened only in the end which is actually a good thing. In the film, the antagonist gang tries to create the murders as natural deaths. The detective chases the mystery behind this and he arrives at the conclusion only during the pre-climax. The way the curiosity to watch the film was put on hold is impressive. 

The director was successful in generating a good buzz to watch the film. The screenplay was gripping as well as engaging but at times, the lead actor's characterisation brings boredom.