Indrasena Review
Indrasena Review

Tamil star hero Vijay Antony is gearing up for the release of his new film today. His film Annadurai made its way to the theaters today and the Telugu version of the same film which is titled as Indrasena is also in the theaters. 

The makers are happy to release the movie finally amidst a lot of Expectations. Vijay Antony is playing a dual role for the first time in the movie. The film is directed by G.Srinivasan and produced by Radhika Sharath Kumar. The film's review is out and check it out here.


Indrasena and Rudrasena are brothers. Indrasena ruins life by drinking but Rudra is a settled man in life. Indrasena goes to jail on a murder case and the further situations changes the life of Rudrasena upside down. What happens in the end forms the rest of the film's story.


Vijay Antony has played a dual role in the film and he has potrayed an outstanding performance in the movie. His way of expression with eyes is impressive. The actor has showed the variation between the two roles he has played and he was successful with it. Diana Champika and Mahima have played the female lead roles in the film. Both the heroines are looking ok and have performed their parts very well. The film also stars Radha Ravi, Kali Venkat, Nalinikanth and few others in important roles and all of them have showed great performance in the movie.

Technical Aspects:

The technical aspects of the film have come out well. The cinematography of the movie is provided by Dill Raj and he is outstanding with his craft. The editing is done by Vijay Antony himself and this is the first time he has done it and he did it brilliantly. The dialogues for the Telugu version are nice and the music is composed by Vijay Antony and it was good. The background score of the movie also came out well. The production values maintained by Radhika Sharath Kumar and Fatima Vijay Antony are grand.


The film Indrasena is a dragged drama of revenge, sibling love and family emotions. The film's story also has the angle of sacrifice that was taken as the core point. The first half of the movie as well as the second half of the movie has nothing new or fresh to convey the audiences. The scope of the film's story is thin and because of that the movie appears lengthy and dragged. Except for the performances, the film fails to impress and the movie can be skipped.