Sapthagiri LLB Review & Rating
Sapthagiri LLB Review & Rating

 Rating: 2.75/5

Comedian turned hero Sapthagiri scored a big hit with the film Sapthagiri Express. The comedian is back now with an interesting movie titled Sapthagiri LLB where he plays the lead again. The film is the official remake of the Bollywood hit film Jolly LLB. The film unit changed the script to suit the Telugu audiences and came to the theatres today. A lot of commercial elements were also mixed to the plot and Sapthagiri is expressing a great confidence in the film's success. Charan is the director making his debut. Check out the film's review here.


Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri) is an advocate who comes to the city to earn a good name and fame. In this process, he comes across a case that was handled by Raj Paul (Sai Kumar). Sapthagiri files a PIL in the court and re-opens it. What is the case about? Why did Sapthagiri select this particular case? Who won the case in the end? reveals the story of the movie.


The film has decent performances from everyone. Sapthagiri did well in the film and at times, his performance appears overboard. On a whole, he delivered a right performance and impressed as a commercial hero. The heroine absolutely makes an impression in the movie and completely disappoints. The film has got a good supporting cast in the form of Sai Kumar, Siva Prasad, Shakalaka Shankar, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Jhansi, Jaya Prakash Reddy and few others who have impressed in their roles and made their presence felt.


The technicalities of the film are good. The makers have spent well on the movie and we can see it on the screen. The production values of the movie are grand. The film was adapted well for the Telugu version. The music scored in the film failed to impress and the same is the case of the BGM. Sarangam is the DOP of the film who did well and his camera work is impressive too. The fights scored by Vijay are good. Goutham Raju's editing came out well Charan Lakkakula handled the project well.


The makers have taken the core point of the Bollywood film and remade it in Telugu. Most of the scenes in the original were not retained in the Telugu version of the film. With the added commercial elements, the film looks like a pakka B and C centre movie. Sapthagiri carried the film on his shoulders and impressed everyone with performance, dances, stunts etc. The film was written keeping Sapthagiri on the mind which is a good thing. Every scene suited him well. 

The film's narration is weak and had it been racy, it would have appealed more to the audiences. The court-room drama clicked well and it is a major highlight of the movie. With some decent performances, the film is a one-time-watchable flick.