Is Chiru unhappy with Sye Raa?
Is Chiru unhappy with Sye Raa?

Chiranjeevi has been maintaining a beard look from more than 6 months for Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. A ten day schedule for the movie has been completed and for new year, Megastar Chiranjeevi removed his beard and even he trimmed his mustache slightly on the edges. What happened? 

Well, according to the rumour mills, Megastar is unhappy with the work of Surrender Reddy and has asked for the involvement of VV Vinayak for few scenes and Guna sekhar too. But the crew of Sye Raa said, there is no truth in those rumours and in February, the next long schedule of the movie will start.

But if there is no truth, the man who maintained the look for more than six months, how come suddenly decided to change it all? Fans are also and they are questioning the crew about the same too. It does take for him to get back into the look, he developed for so many months and we wonder, with an month can he get back to the same look? 

The movie crew needs to give us some information regarding this. Few started saying, this move is to can some scenes that need him to look different. Is that completely true? One wonders! 

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