Rakul Preet Singh
Rakul Preet Singh

Actress Rakul Preet Singh says she speaks Telugu better than her mother tongue Punjabi and she would like to speak her own Telugu lines in films.

"The one thing I'd really like to do in 2018 is to speak my own lines in Telugu. Do you know I'm so fluent in Telugu now, I speak the language better than I speak Punjabi. So far, I've only dubbed my own lines for one Telugu film," Rakul said.

But she doesn't want to talk about ‘Spyder’, which was shot in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously."I don't want to speak about 'Spyder'. Not because I am embarrassed about its under-performance. But it's just not an experience I enjoyed. I did it for the pleasure of working with A R Murugadoss, and I'd do it again any time. But sorry, I really don't want to say anything more about it," she said.

Is Rakul disappointed by the male-dominated scripts in south Indian languages? "Not the least. They aren't all about men. In fact, my other 2017 release 'Jaya Janaki Nayaka' (Telugu film) featured me in a pivotal role," she concludes

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