Day 2 Agnyathavaasi: Krishna Collections

THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 13,2018 , 10:25 AM IST


Power Star Pawan Kalyan came up with his milestone 25th movie recently at the box office. The movie released with a lot of expectations at the box office. In the end, the movie failed big time by disappointing everyone. The film got the mixed talk from the day one itself and we are now experiencing a huge drop in the collections of the movie.

Apparently, the film was sold for 8 crore rupees in Krishna District and the film collected 2.15 crore rupees on the day one. The film collected just 22.66 lakh rupees on the day two which is a huge drop.

The situation is the same in all the other regions. In many areas, the distributors are predicting huge losses. If the same continues, the film might end up as the biggest disaster in the recent times.

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