Venkatesh Happy, Ravi Teja Unhappy!
Venkatesh Happy, Ravi Teja Unhappy!

Vikram Sirikonda is the newcomer who made his debut in a grand manner with the film Touch Chesi Choodu. There was a positive buzz around the film before the release but finally, the film failed big time at the box office. Now, we have come to know about an interesting update regarding the film. 

The film Touch Chesi Choodu was originally planned to make with Victory Venkatesh in the lead role. Apparently, Vikram Sirikonda narrated the script to Venkatesh and producer Suresh Babu has put Vikram on hold for some time as he expressed dual thoughts on the movie. Vikram Sirikonda who got an opportunity to work with Ravi Teja immediately moved on to the hero and started the film.

Now, with the result being out, Suresh Babu is said to be happy with his judgement and was also relieved that Venkatesh skipped a failure subject.

Touch Chesi Choodu was made with Ravi Teja, Seerat Kapoor and Rashi Khanna in the lead roles. Nallamalapu Srinivas has produced the film under Lakshmi Narasimha Productions.

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