Can Varun Tej pull it off?
Can Varun Tej pull it off?

Hotshot Varun Tej who is riding high on the success of ‘Fidaa’, has now a big task on hand. With his next release ‘Tholi Prema’ being sold off for Rs 18 crore in TS and AP, the mega hero has to prove a point and deliver a blockbuster. 

“This is the highest price for Varun’s film till date except ‘Fidaa’ which was produced and distributed by Dil Raju,” says distributor Ramakrishna. 

“Hence, Varun has a huge responsibility on his shoulders since he has to draw in crowds on the strength of his name because the heroine is a newcomer,” adds Ramakrishna.  Even though, Varun tasted success with ‘Mukunda’ and ‘Kanche,’ his other films like ‘Loafer’ and ‘Mister’ dented his drawing prowess. 

“Actually, the first look and trailer of ‘Tholi Prema’ received a good response and generated a positive buzz around the love saga. If the content is novel and good enough and matches with the expectations, Varun’s job becomes much easier,” adds producer Bharat Bushan.

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