No formula for success, says V V Vinayak

By BVS Prakash | THE HANS INDIA |   Feb 09,2018 , 12:58 AM IST

V V Vinayak
V V Vinayak

Seasoned director V V Vinayak, who is known for blockbusters like ‘Tagore,’ ‘Adhurs,’ and ‘Khaidi No 150,’ disclosed that there is no formula for success. “That is a fact, otherwise every film that isreleased would have been a hit,” says the director and adds “So, every director will put his best in making a film and awaits audience verdict,”.On working with young actor Sai Dharam Tej, he says “He is a good actor and dancer too. 

Although I worked with superstars as well as young actors, I didn’t find any marked difference. However, in dancing, Sai reminded me of his uncle and megastar,” he points out.  On the recent controversies on Telugu filmmakers ripping off Hollywood movies, he adds “People can get similar thoughts, but we should avoid copying since the world has become a global village,” he adds. 

He thanked producer C Kalyan for taking care of him, “Actually, I pamper my actors and technicians, but in this film, C Kalyan took care of me,” he concludes. After a dud like ‘Akhil’ and a blockbuster ‘Khaid No 150,’, Vinay will be hoping to keep up his winning habit with ‘Intelligent.’.