Vinayak To Return Remuneration
Vinayak To Return Remuneration

The ongoing reports in the film industry reveal that V.V.Vinayak was disappointed with the failure of Inttelligent and he is facing the pressure from the distributors and buyers to compensate the losses. The director is always known to be the person who comes forward to save the distributors every time when his film become a flop. 

It was already confirmed that the movie is going to taste 85% of losses and there is no chance for the investment recovery.

The director's remuneration for the film is double than the hero's. The latest update is that Vinayak is planning to return half of his remuneration to the distributors and buyers. Vinayak has done the same for his earlier film Akhil too.

C.Kalyan has produced the film Inttelligent under C.K Entertainments banner. Lavanya Tripathi played the female lead in the film. The film released on last Friday and ended as the biggest disaster in the current year.

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