Agnyaathavaasi Closing Collections Report
Agnyaathavaasi Closing Collections Report

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan starrer Agnyaathavasi is the first release of this year. The film released during Sankranti and emerged as a biggest disaster in the history of Telugu film industry. The film also became the weakest work in the careers of Pawan Kalyan as well as director Trivikram Srinivas.

The film Agnyaathavasi has collected 5.40 Cr in Vizag, 4.25 Cr in East, 4.75 Cr in West, 3.35 Cr in Krishna, 5.15 Cr in Guntur, 2.25 Cr in Nellore regions. The films closing share in Andhra region is 25.15 Cr rupees and the estimated gross for the same area is 37.8 Cr rupees.

The film collected 5.30 Cr share and 7.9 Cr rupees gross. In Nizam area, Agnyathavasi collected 10.45 Cr share and 17.8 Cr gross. Totally, the films closing share in both the Telugu states is 40.9 Cr rupees and the gross is 63.5 Cr rupees.

The film collected 7.20 Cr rupees as a share in the USA and 13.1 Cr rupees as gross. The film collected 6.35 Cr share in Karnataka and 10.8 Cr rupees gross. The film collected 1.14 Cr rupees share and 3.3 Cr rupees gross in all the other areas of India. The film collected 1.90 Cr share and 4.20 Cr gross in all the others areas of the world.

Finally, the worldwide total closing share of the film is 57.5 Cr rupees and the closing gross is 94.6 Cr rupees. The film's total theatrical value was 125 Cr rupees. Only 46% of the investment was recovered. The film is double disaster in the end.