Anil Sunkara bets big on Nikhil
Anil Sunkara bets big on Nikhil

After flops like ‘Eedu Gold Ehe’, ‘James Bond,’ and ‘Lie,’ producer Anil Sunkara is confident about his upcoming film ‘Kirrakk Party’ featuring Nikhil in the lead. He relied on a young team of actors and technicians.

 “When he saw the Kannada film ‘Kiriikk Party, he knew that it has enough  potential in the Telugu remake. He roped in Nikhil as he aptly fits the bill of a rebellious student and almost 80% of the new actors to give the film a refreshing look,” says a source, close to the unit.

 “Although, he allowed changes in the script to suit the sensibilities of Telugu audience, he never allowed any more changes once the film went on the sets. After a good response for first look and trailer, Anil is very confident about his action-laced campus-caper,” he adds. 

No doubt, tasteful producer has his share of big hits like ‘Dookudu’ and ‘Eedho Rakam Aadho Rakam,” but needs a blockbuster to revive his winning habit. Let us wait and see. 

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