Nani's Century For Bigg Boss
Nani's Century For Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is the super hit reality show on the small screen. JR NTR is the host for the first season and he is the reason for the super success for the TV show. The second season of the TV show is going to happen in next month but this time, JR NTR is not the host.

The organizers have roped in Natural Star Nani to host the second season of the TV show. According to reports, the organizers have changed the format of the TV show for the second season.

Instead of 70 days like the first season, the second season will happen for 100 days. The special set of Bigg Boss house is being erected in a popular film studio in Hyderabad. The second season is going to begin from June 10th. More details about the show and the contestants will be out soon.

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