Stunning Pre-Release Biz For Nela Ticket

By Vyas | THE HANS INDIA |   May 16,2018 , 05:49 PM IST

Stunning Pre-Release Biz For Nela Ticket
Stunning Pre-Release Biz For Nela Ticket

 After the debacle of Touch Chesi Chudu, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is going to come up with a mass entertainer named Nela Ticket. The film is going to unveil the new mass avatar of the actor. Meanwhile, the film's business is stunning the trade sources. Even after the average run of his previous movies, the actor managed to fetch decent prices for his movie. The film being a commercial potboiler is an advantage for the makers.

Producer Ram Talluri who has good relations with multiple distributors has reportedly made 24 crores already. The film's budget is said to be 30 crore rupees and the producer is still in talks with some buyers regarding the distribution of movie in some areas. The Hindi dubbing rights are also expected to fetch some decent price for the makers.

Directed by Kalyan Krishna, Nela Ticket marks the debut of a new heroine Malavika Sharma.

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