Bharat Ane Nenu Final Collections Report
Bharat Ane Nenu Final Collections Report

 Bharat Ane Nenu starring Super Star Mahesh Babu is celebrating a successful run of 50 days today. The movie has set great records at the box office already which proved the craze of the actor. The film is having an online release tomorrow on Amazon Prime. The film has fared well at the box office and the distributors have fetched profits in many areas. The following is the detailed report of the final closing collections of the movie.

The film collected 18.90 crore share in Nizam area and it grossed 30.3 crores. The movie made 9.90 crores Ceded and it grossed around 13.3 crores. The film collected 8.70 crore share in Vizag, 6.86C share in East, 4.41C share in West, 5.86C share in Krishna, 8.33C share in Guntu, 2.64C share in Nellore regions. 36.80 crore is the share in Andhra region and it grossed 53.4 crores. 65.6 crores are the approximate share of the film in both the Telugu states. 97 crores gross is the approximate estimation in the Telugu states.

The film collected 12.4 crores share in the USA, and the gross is 22.5 crores. 8.2 crore share is collected in Karnataka while the gross is 15.9 crores. The film collected 5.8 crores share and 14.1 crores gross in rest of India. The final closing collection is 92 crores share and 149.5 crores gross.

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