Bigg Boss 2: The Cooking Menu On Day One
Bigg Boss 2: The Cooking Menu On Day One

There is a lot of curiosity around Bigg Boss TV show in Telugu. After a successful season one, Endemolshine India partnered with Star MAA for another exciting season with Nani hosting the show. The 16 contestants started their usual life in the house, and Bigg Boss initiated the elimination process for the first week already.

Meanwhile, the interesting aspect about the show is the menu that the housemates finalized for the first day. Anchor Shyamala, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Tejaswi Madiwada have shared the cooking duties. While Shyamala prepared the breakfast, the lunch is handed over to Tejaswi Madiwada, and the dinner in charge is Deepthi Nallamothu.

The housemates had Ragi Soup, Papaya, Banana and an egg for their breakfast. For Lunch, the menu was Cabbage fry, Sambar, and Dal. Tanish, Ganesh, Babu Gogineni, Nuthan Naidu, and Kaushal are seen helping the cooking team in cutting the vegetables.

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