Bigg Boss Season 2: Discussion Over Dining On Day 2
Bigg Boss Season 2: Discussion Over Dining On Day 2

On the day two, during the dining time, multiple discussions have taken place in the Bigg Boss house. As per the rules framed by Bigg Boss, the servants' team had their food only after Sanjana's team completed their meal. Slowly, the servants' team is picking up in performing the tasks without their self-respect getting hurt. Babu Gogineni is playing a vital role in filling confidence of all his team members.

Babu Gogineni is serious against the harassment and unnecessarily targeting his team members. He has said to his team members that he will show his real face to the other team members on the following day. It looks like Sanjana is threatening Nuthan Naidu that she will remove the likes given if he failed to perform the tasks correctly. Roll Rida came to Nuthan's rescue and motivated him to continue his duties unless it is going to become a threat to the self-respect.

The 'Cheppandi Prabhu' task is undoubtedly bringing the actual behaviors of all the housemates, and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

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