Bigg Boss Season 2: Episode 3 Highlights
Bigg Boss Season 2: Episode 3 Highlights

The third day in Bigg Boss house started off with "Iraga" song from the movie 'Na Peru Surya, Na Illu India.' Every housemate started to impress the audiences with their talent. Anchor Sayamala's imitation act is good.

Sanjana who is in the jail started becoming hyper. She vented out all the anger and frustration on the other housemates especially Nuthan Naidu. The other housemates also started a discussion about bringing Sanjana into the house. Finally, Bigg Boss is also considerate and released Sanjana from the jail.

Sanjana is allowed to choose her team. She chose Tanish, Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri, Ganesh. Samrat, Deepthi Sunaina, and Tejaswi Madiwada for executing the task that Bigg Boss assigned.

On the other side, Babu Gogineni attempted an experiment to calculate time with the help of Shadow. Deepthi Sunaina's joke on Ant evoked some laughs.

The first luxury budget task was introduced in the second season today. The task is called "Cheppandi Prabhu" Sanjana is the head of one team, and the other team members are servants for Sanjana's team. Some strict rules are implements for servants team, and they have to impress Sanjana's team to get ratings. The task will be carried out until the next announcement. The ratings scored will show an impact during the selection of captain and acquiring luxury budget. Kireeti Damaraju is the head of servants team.

Sanjana team is happy with the performance of other team members except for Babu Gogineni, and Nuthan Naidu who have received a lot of dislikes. In the middle, Nuthan Naidu has become emotionally weak. Roll Rida and Babu Gogineni have tried to fill confidence in him. Taneesh, Tejaswi and other team members tried to maintain ethics while giving tasks to the servants. An argument between Babu Gogineni and Sanjana has become the part of the discussions.

The members of Sanjana team are arguing among themselves, but Kireeti's team is maintaining unity. The task is still going on. Let us wait for tomorrow because "Edhaina Jaragachchu."