Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Episode 20 Highlights
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Episode 20 Highlights

Bigg Boss started with the allocation of Luxury Budget today. While Shyamala read and selected the items, Bhanu Sri wrote the same on the board. As soon as the luxury budget allocation is completed, Bigg Boss asked Amit to reveal the names of three persons who are foodies in the house. He nominated the names of Ganesh, Kireeti and Roll Rida.

Bigg Boss revealed that these three people are eligible for the captaincy task. Bigg Boss asked the people to eat as much Biryani as possible. Those who consume more Biryani is declared as the new captain of the house. It was Roll Rida who ate maximum Biryani, and he was declared the captain. Roll Rida was also given the access to Appy Fizz Refrigerator.

Later, Bigg Boss became serious on the housemates for breaking the rules in the house. He directed Roll Rida to send two persons from the home to jail. Roll Rida suggested the names of Babu Gogineni and Taneesh and they were sent to the jail.

Everyone is discussing Kaushal who is not using his jail card for others.

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