I am not involved in any sex racket - Regina
I am not involved in any sex racket - Regina

Regina Cassandra went for a Sankranti event in USA and along with her Anchor Lasya was also present there. With the main accused Kishan Modugumudi being there and wishing both of them, as per some news articles, both of them were linked to the whole sex racket that Kishan and his wife, ran in Chicago. 

Social media confirmed it is them and Lasya did not respond on this matter. She chose to be silent and Regina during Mr. Chandramouli, her latest release in Tamil, promotions reacted to these allegations. 

She said, "I have no connection with the sex racket in USA and I just went for an event there. I can nothing more to it than this as everyone wants to write whatever they wish rather than what I really say." 

Well, still social media is not to believe any such explanations and we have to wait and see, what will USA court decide in its judgement. 

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