Why is Bigg Boss so crazily popular?

By Vyas | THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 11,2018 , 10:02 AM IST

Why is Bigg Boss so crazily popular?
Salman in Hindi, Kamal Haasan in Tamil, NTR and Nani in Telugu and Mohanlal in Malayalam… Whoever might be the host, the Bigg Boss show is raking in TRPs. The hosts manage the show only for two days a week. But, the ratings are coming even on other days when there is no host.  One wonders why people are bonkers over the Bigg Boss show and why are these shows doing so well!!

The reason is not difficult to seek. We like to gossip around about everything and anything. In the days when we did not have the TV and the mobile also, people used to gossip for hours about who is doing what and who is seeing whom. We are always interested in what is happening in neighbour’s homes.

Now, technology has only helped highten the curiosity. The secret cameras and the mikes catch everything they do. Bigg Boss is a medley of emotions like jelousy, avarice scheming, hatred and even love. So, people naturally like to know about it. Everyone wants to know what the participants are doing and how they are reacting to different situations. 

It is these emotions that are driving the TRPs for the show. The whole Bigg Boss concept is based on this human weakness for gossiping. These emotions were responsible for making Siva Balaji the winner of the first season of the Bigg Boss. Celeb factor is only adding to the curiosity.

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