Saakshyam Latest Box Office Collections Report
Saakshyam Latest Box Office Collections Report

After facing a series of debacles, Bellamkonda Srinivas teamed up with director Sriwass for an action thriller Saakshyam. Pooja Hegde played the female lead and Producer Abhishek Nama invested huge amounts in the film. Bellamkonda hero stated that he worked really hard for the film but all his hard work went into vain leaving the movie as a disaster.

The movie succeeded in garnering enough hype among the audience but the collections went on dropping with each day. The collections showed a shocking drop on Monday and dropped again on Tuesday. The collections of Saakshyam on Tuesday is 50-55 lakhs which is 30% less than the collections on Monday. 

Summing up the total five days collections, Saakshyam earned 8.20crores till now and might reach 9 crores by the end of the week. The theatrical rights were sold for 23 crores. Yet, the movie might not end up collecting 50% as well making the movie as a disaster.

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