Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: September 1st Episode 84 Highlights

By Vyas | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 02,2018 , 03:32 PM IST

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: September 1st Episode 84 Highlights
Nani surprised everyone on Saturday by announcing the Double elimination in the Bigg Boss TV show. On Saturday, Ganesh got eliminated from the TV show and it was expected by the viewers. Ganesh who has been surviving from the first week without any expectations is finally evicted from the house now. On Sunday, another housemate will be out from the show and it is one from Nutan Naidu, Amit, and Samrat Reddy. Kaushal is in the protected zone now.

The episode started with an interesting task for the housemates where everyone has to select one housemate and name them the Bigg Bomb protector. They should also give the reason for choosing them. Kaushal chose Nutan and Nutan chose Kaushal. Deepthi chose Nutan. Ganesh chose Deepthi. Tanish chose Samrat and Samrat chose Tanish. Roll Rida chose Amit and Amit chose Roll. Geetha chose Shyamala and Shyamala chose Geetha.

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Nani who used to point out the mistakes of housemates every week did something different this time. He gave an opportunity to the housemates to make their allegations on others so that all the housemates will be given a chance to clarify all those allegations. All the housemates wrote allegations on the others and every housemate gave their explanations. Nani elaborated on the same and asked his doubts too.

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Nani also cleared the rumors that Murder mystery task was not scripted. Later, a fan from Eluru called to the show and spoke to Roll Rida. In the end, Nani announced that Kaushal is in the protected zone and asked Ganesh to come out of the house.

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