Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: September 3rd Episode 86 Highlights
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: September 3rd Episode 86 Highlights

In the house, the housemates played a game where they have to tell 'I love you and I hate you' to the other contestants by giving the reasons.

Geetha Madhuri said that she loves Deepthi and hates Samrat. She said that Samrat took the time to get connected to her and that was the reason.

Amit said that he loves Roll Rida and hates Kaushal.
Roll Rida loves Amit and hates Tanish.
Shyamala loves Geetha and hates Tanish.
Tanish loves Samrat and hates Kaushal.
Samrat loves Tanish and hates Geetha.
Deepthi loves Geetha and hates Tanish.
Kaushal loves and hates Geetha.

Later, the nominations time started, and Bigg Boss asked the housemates not to nominate Kaushal as Geetha already did it. Geetha got immunity, and she is not a part of nominations this week.

Kaushal nominated Amit, Shyamala, Deepthi and saved Samrat.
Geetha nominated Amit, Samrat, Shyamala and saved Deepthi.
Roll Rida nominated Deepthi, Samrat, Shyamala and saved Amit.
Tanish nominated Amit, Deepthi, Shyamala and saved Samrat.
Shyamala nominated Deepthi, Amit, and Samrat.
Deepthi nominated Shyamala, Amit, Samrat.
Amit nominated Deepthi, Shyamala, Samrat.
Samrat nominated Deepthi, Shyamala, and Amit.

Samrat was saved, and the people in the nominations zone is Amit, Shyamala, Deepthi, and Kaushal.

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