Uppada, Konapapapeta bear brunt of sea erosion

THE HANS INDIA |   Feb 09,2017 , 05:31 AM IST


Pithapuram: Soil erosion in the coastal village of Uppada in East Godavari district is on the rise on account of the geo tube wall, raised to protect villages from soil erosion due to sea waves, got damaged at 40 places.  

The damage is attributed to theft of ropes and plastic bags that constituted the geo tube by fishermen and also due to the severe cyclonic storms that battered the coast. 

As a pilot project, the geo tube was laid during 2008-11 for a distance of 1,463 meters at a cost of Rs 12.16 crore. As the geo tube has got damaged, people of several villages are living in the grip of fear. During the past 80 years, the sea advanced by a distance of 2 km. 

The R and B guest houses built along the sea coast, 40 houses in Konapapapeta, several hatcheries, three school buildings, many small temples and hundreds of trees were submerged under the sea.

The Uppada-Kakinada beach road was damaged four times during the past five years. The villages of Uppada, Subbampet, Mayapatnam and Ameenabad are under the threat of inundation. 

The fishermen have been demanding officials to get the existing geo tube repaired and extend it up to Konapapapeta.  The village lost land up to a distance of half kilometer for want of protection of geo tube wall. 

By Saride Nageswara Rao

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