2 minors from AP held by traffic cops

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 04:50 AM IST


Hyderabad: Two students of class VIII from Rajahmundry were caught by the city traffic police while driving a two-wheeler.  The students left their home town with Rs 1.6 lakh and an intention of touring Hyderabad. 

The friends, Nikesh and Bhanu,who were lured by the attraction of Hyderabad decided to go on an adventure trip on Honda Active, without the knowledge of their parents on Sunday.  They were carrying Rs 1.6 lakh in cash and successfully reached the outskirts of the city on Wednesday. However, the L B Nagar’s traffic police during their routine check at ORR, stopped them.

When questioned, they disclosed that they were travelling for last three days with the intention of visiting the city.  They wanted to visit places including Zoo Park and other tourist spots, with the money they brought along with them. During their check, traffic police found huge cash in their bags and also mobile phones.

After grilling them, the police contacted their parents and discovered that the parents were anxious about their missing sons. The police officials, who took them into custody, later informed that they would be handed over to their parents, who are on their way from Rajahmundry.

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