Couple commits suicide soon after marriage

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 21,2017 , 03:41 AM IST


Chirala: Hours after their marriage, a young couple committed suicide by jumping in front of a train in Prakasam district. Battula Sandeep (22), a third-year engineering student at a private college in Chirala, was in love with Bhogireddy Mounika (21), who was a second-year student in the same college.

According to the police, Sandeep and Mounika, who became friends in the last two years, used to meet in the campus occasionally. They announced to friends that they were in love. The families of the couple were opposed to their marriage.

As the parents of Mounika started to look for marriage alliances, the young couple decided to get married before their parents could find her a match.  They believed that their parents do not accept their love at any cost, as they are from two different communities.

On Tuesday morning, they married in Vijayawada. Afraid of facing their families, they decided to commit suicide upon reaching Chirala. While on way to Vetapalem railway station, Sandeep sent a message on WhatsApp to his friend about their suicide plan. He asked him to inform police and 108 to see if their organs can be of any help to needy persons.

By the time the police and their friends reached the railway track near Vetapalem, they found the bodies of Sandeep and Mounika. The railway police registered a case and shifted the bodies to Chirala government hospital for postmortem.

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