Woman kills hubby with paramour’s help
Woman kills hubby with paramour’s help

Hyderabad:  A woman was arrested along with her paramour for conspiring to kill her husband in Zamisthanpur, the police said. According to Chikkadpally ACP Pradeep Kumar Reddy, Janimiya and Asma Bano lived in Ambedkar  Nagar Basti in Zamisthanpur area. Janimiya was an employee with a private firm. His wife Asma Bano developed an illicit relationship with a youth of the area—Moin. They were into relationship a year ago. 

Seeing Janimiya, as a hindrance to their relationship, Asma and Moin hatched a conspiracy to eliminate Janimiya for the past one week, waiting for an opportune time.

On November 10, after Janimiya returned home drunk and slept in the bedroom, Asma alerted Moin on phone about Janimiya’s presence in the house. Without losing any time, Asma along with her paramour tied the hands and legs of Janimiya with a chunni and later smothered his face with the pillow choking him to death.

After confirming the death, Asma told everyone in the neighbourhood that Janimiya died of a heart attack in the early hours of the day. Subsequently, they started making arrangements for the funeral of Janimiya. However, relatives of Janimiya suspected something fishy and complained about it to the police.

The police sent the body for post-mortem. The autopsy proved it to be a case of murder. Consequently, the police interrogated Asma Bano, who admitted to killing her husband with the help of her paramour.