Medical negligence costs patient his life

THE HANS INDIA |   Dec 03,2017 , 03:48 AM IST


Pargi: Hanuma Naik of Chelimijilla Thanda died allegedly due to medical negligence at Hanuman Clinic here on Saturday. Apparently, to cover up lapses Dr Gangadhar called an ambulance and shifted the body to the Government Hospital, where medical officers declared the patient dead on arrival. 

Fearing backlash by the victim’s family, Gangadhar agreed to pay Rs 5 lakh towards compensation. It is learnt that six months ago a woman also died in the same hospital due to medical negligence. It is alleged that such deaths are occurring once or twice every year. There are allegations that the District Medical and Health Officer who is also from the region had been backing such doctors. People’s organisations demanded that the government take action immediate against such doctors.

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