Fire breaks out in Asian paint godown at Ranigunj

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 09,2018 , 12:14 AM IST

Fire breaks out in Asian paint godown at Ranigunj
Fire breaks out in Asian paint godown at Ranigunj

Hyderabad: A major fire broke out in Asian Paints godown at Ranigunj in Secunderabad, under the limits of Mahankali police station at around 5:45 pm on Friday. Fortunately, no casualty has been reported. Panic prevailed as the fire raged for a long time. 

The fire tenders were battling with flames when last reports came in. The source of the fire was suspected to be an electric short-circuit. 

With the effect of the fire, a cylinder has exploded further increasing the intensity of flames. Soon the fire spread to a five-storey building and people are tensed up if the building might come down. Flames kept rising from the godown where the passage leading to it is narrow, preventing more number of fire tenders getting closer to the fire. 

The residents near the spot have been evicted by the authorities, and power supply to the building and the depot was switched off. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy rushed to the spot and supervised the fire-fighting operations.

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