Promises galor

THE HANS INDIA |   Aug 15,2018 , 03:11 AM IST

Promises galor
The struggle for separate Telangana was mainly on issues of jobs, water and resources. The TRS had been successful in winning over the confidence of the people that only they can correct the anomalies in these sectors which took place during the undivided Andhra Pradesh.

Nearly five years down the lane, once again the issue of jobs promises to become the main slogan for the forthcoming general elections. The Congress has blown its poll bugle with this slogan during the two-day visit of Rahul Gandhi. The Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who is a master strategist tried to divert the issue on the day Rahul landed in Hyderabad by hinting at early assembly elections. 

Rahul Gandhi who was seen hugging the Prime Minister and winking in Lok Sabha during the no-confidence motion was this time more serious and focussed. He targeted the women and youth. He also realised that though he is the AICC president, during his visits to states he should concentrate in giving a road map to the local units based on the local issues and speak less about national issues.  

The last public meeting he addressed during his present two-day visit centred only around the problems of Telangana and the TRS government.  He also touched upon the farmers issues and alleged that 4000 farmers committed suicide. His entire attack was on KCR and his family rule. Rahul apart from enthusing his rank and file has set a clear road map for the otherwise disunited TPCC leaders and asked them to fight the elections unitedly putting all their differences on backburner. He has sent clear indication that he would steer the party towards the elections.

The TRS too is gearing up to meet the new challenge. It knows that despite the fact that they are in a comfortable position, they don’t want the Congress to gain as it could send dangerous signals for future.

In neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, while the TDP has been successful in making the Special Status category issue as the main plank to nail the BJP and has also been able to get the support of Kapus who at one time appeared to be split in their support thanks to the self- goal inflicted by the YSRCP. The other party Jana Sena which is virtually groping in darkness has now come up with a manifesto which says they would give cash dole of Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 in place of ration to the poor and cooking gas free to women. 

What is unfortunate is that instead of making people participants in development still the new and old parties talk of freebies. Jana Sena seems to be of the opinion that government can provide everything for the people and if possible free. This ideology is close to the one-time ideology of the left parties. Even they have now changed their line of thinking and feel that private participation is a necessary evil. 

But Pawan Kalyan seems to be thinking otherwise. While assuring that Kapu reservation would be provided by including it in 9th schedule of the constitution, he does not say how they are going to do it since this issue is in the purview of the centre. Generic promises anyone can make but clear roadmap is what people are looking for. Whichever party succeeds in this exercise would stand to gain. It’s time the leaders should understand that they need to trust the people and understand that they are more intelligent than the politicians.

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