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The Untied States military action under Donald Trump began with Syria and now entered South Asia with the dropping of ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on Afghanistan. The US is signalling a similar military intervention in North Korea. The attack on Afghanistan is purportedly aimed at defeating the ISIS.  

But, American missile attack on Syrian air base was aimed at weakening the Bashar Al Assad regime which in the recent past gained supremacy over ISIS. 

How can unilateral attack on the Bashar regime fighting against ISIS be part of global war on terror? Only Trump and his apologetics should know. Any possible intervention in Korean peninsula would have nothing to do with ISIS. 

Former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, someone who is not antagonistic towards Washington, described the bombing as not the war on terror but the inhumane and most brutal misuse of his country as a testing ground for new and dangerous weapons. Karzai by any stretch of imagination is not aligned to ISIS. How will US address these apprehensions? 

In fact, the US under Bush launched the war on terror from Afghan soil only. But, it only ravaged this nation. There are no signs of vanquishing terrorism. 

Nothing has been done so far to eliminate sanctuaries of terror operating from Pakistani soil that exports terror to both India and Afghanistan. How can US defend this continuing duplicity in its so-called war on terror? 

The global war on Islamic terror cannot be confined to meeting American foreign policy interests.  Terrorist is a terrorist, whether one is in Kashmir or Kandahar. 

Saudi Arabia has been the main source of financial support to the fundamentalist forces across the world. It’s most conservative brand of Islam remains a source of inspiration for Islamic terrorist outfits across the world.  

How can this autocratic monarchy be the most trusted ally of the oldest democracy on the Earth? Why can’t the US spread the fragrance of democracy in such countries? The US remains the chief patron of the despotic, fundamentalist regimes in Middle East and North Africa. 

Mr Trump, can you deny this? The Islamic terrorist could not penetrate into Iraq and Libya until the US forces overthrew the regimes there. This is not to support those rulers. But, the American aggression has only resulted in the emergence of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the more dangerous terrorist force than even Al Qaeda.   Is it not the time for the US to introspect its own foreign policy as Trump himself advocated during his election campaign? 

Even the US intelligence reports reveal that the Khorasan branch of ISIS is primarily an amalgamation of former Afghan Taliban and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan members. They were regrouped in Peshawar region of Pakistan and exported to the neighboring Afghanistan. 

The Afghanistan officially informed Pakistan that Hafiz Saeed, the most wanted terrorist in India, is directing ISIS operations in it. Hafiz Saeed is seen openly operating from Pakistani soil. 

Why does America refuse to declare Islamabad as a terrorist State? Instead, the US continues to militarily muscle Pakistan. 

Will Trump make Islamabad accountable?