Cracks in opposition

By Prof K Nageshwar | THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 23,2017 , 03:35 AM IST

(Picture used for representational purpose only)
(Picture used for representational purpose only)

Narendra Modi’s surgical strikes on the opposition are yielding rich dividends for the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA). 

Though the opposition decides to contest, the Presidential race is only symbolic with BJP successfully roping in many non NDA parties to its fold. The opposition may cry foul over the BJP engineering split in its camp. But, the so called secular combine has to be blamed for its own follies.  

The index of opposition unity suffered a severe jolt on the eve of Presidential elections. This may most likely have larger implications for future politics. It may even signal new political realignment vastly favouring BJP.

The unprecedented victory of BJP in Uttar Pradesh has certainly reconfigured the political arithmetic in the country with many of the regional parties playing it safe by sailing with NDA. 

The most significant ramification is in the key state of Bihar with BJP making severe dent in the opposition camp. The vulnerability of Mahagathbandhan has come in to the open. Critics may dismiss it as political expediency of Nitish Kumar. Nitish conveniently switched camps only to bolster his own political clout. 

No wonder even if he estranges Congress and RJD to join the NDA bandwagon.  If it happens, it would be a major casualty in the opposition camp that is unlikely to gain any significant political points in the ensuing Presidential election. 

The opposition cannot convince the nation with its strange political chemistry. The CPI (M) and the TMC have nothing in common, ideologically or tactically, to be together campaigning for a common candidate. The CPI (M) that took a tactical line not to have any truck with Congress would find it extremely difficult to convince over its decision to back Meira Kumar.

The slogan of anti RSS crusade cuts no ice with common electorate. The irony was that the Congress dumped the Left to back NDA candidate, A P J Abdul Kalam in 2002.

Without any coherent political and economic programme, the opposition potpourri would be mocking at itself even as the NDA increasingly turns formidable. 

Much to the consternation of the opposition, the two warring factions of AIADMK are supporting the nominee of BJP, the party that was accused of unleashing ‘Operation Lotus’ to destabilise the Amma Pariwar subsequent to the demise of     Puratchi Thalaivi. 

The opposition failing to keep YSR Congress in its fold is a testimony to the BJP‘s ability at political engineering. The unconditional support of TRS will only indicate possibility of more regional forces joining the NDA at an opportune moment causing more trouble for the Congress. 

The failure of the non BJP parties to unite despite the full bloom saffron ideological offensive only speaks of the deep rooted malaises rocking the camp. 

The self-disruptive disintegration of opposition is more to do with the lack of ideological coherence in their fight against BJP. The pusillanimity and political opportunism of regional parties have even benefit the Congress in the past and it therefore, cannot make mountains out of molehills from the Modi- Shah‘s master stroke.  

Learning from the chinks in its armour, the opposition has to invent new political idiom to rally forces under a common banner to resist Narendra Modi’s juggernaut. 

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