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By Prof K Nageshwar | THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 12,2017 , 04:05 AM IST


Just back from the US and Israel as well as G20 and BRICS summits, where he gave a clarion call to the global community to mount pressure on nations aiding and abetting terrorism and even bar their officials at key summits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced the harsh reality of ever-rising terror attacks back home – this time a heinous one on Amarnath pilgrims. 

He had riveted global attention to the ‘Mothership of terrorism,’ i.e., Pakistan. While G20 and BRICS forcefully condemned terrorism, to Modi’s credit, the US backed India’s stand on Pakistan’s direct role in fomenting terrorism. It even declared Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin a “specially designated global terrorist.”  

Talking of it, there are various forms of terrorism, including political and ideological, the latter the most dangerous of them all. There are different names but one ideology, whether one calls it Daesh or ISIS and Al-Qaeda, LeT, JeM, Haqqani or Boko Haram etc. 

Visceral hatred drives adherents of religious terror. Only collective and intense commitment of all nations can curb it, if not eliminate entirely.  Effective cooperation, intelligence sharing, squeezing of financial resources, speedy legal processes like extradition etc., are needed to combat this vicious evil. 

Amarnath attack comes on the heels of good news that ISIS has been decimated in its capital Mosul in Iraq, and that various allied forces are seeking out its remnants in Syria as well. But, only the physical form of the caliphate set up by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi three years ago is demolished. 

The more dangerous scraps, err roots, of the caliphate remain in the hearts of its hardcore followers as well as those taking to self-radicalisation through social media.  They will strive at the cost of their lives to carry forward the ISIS battle cry of "Baqiya wa tatamaddad," or "remain and expand." This holds true for all terror networks. They will always seek to return with devastating effects for the humanity, whether through coordinated strikes or lone wolf attacks. 

The most dreaded jihadi network, ISIS, would have foreseen its D-Day and laid down plans for followers to lie low and strike with vengeance. Hence, terrorism shall not be tolerated even in its minutest form. Over the years, terrorism acquired monstrous proportions with chilling and horrendous tales continue to pour in from different parts of the world. Laxity and apathy of nations would only make it incredibly difficult to counter it. 

Terrorists must always be sought and kept on the run. Else, they will in no time regroup, recoup and renew their barbaric acts. What is pertinent to note here is that unless the comity of nations calls out those nations supporting terrorism in one form or other, and ushers in unity among all to take on such deviant networks, colossal tragedies will keep happening.  

As for India, notwithstanding lack of or muted reaction to Modi’s fervent call, India shall keep prodding all nations, especially those aiding the sponsors of terrorism, to use their good offices to reason with erring nations, name terrorists, curtail their financial operations and shut down frontal wings and safe havens. A sustained and well-rounded global coordinated attack on terrorism shall begin. The sooner the better. 

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