The last one hundred years have, perhaps, been the most momentous in the entire history of mankind, just as much as it has been for India. Two World Wars, the Freedom Movement, the emergence of India as a great nation, three wars, a near war and last but not the least, the growth of a thoroughly professional, apolitical Indian Armed Forces committed not only to protecting its territorial integrity under any circumstances but also coming to the aid of the civil authorities in times of crisis and natural disasters – our Armed Forces have turned out to be a magnificent force making all of us proud. 

But, those who live on the tax payers' money in Kashmir do not fall in this category of "proud citizens.' They have some friends both within the country and from across the borders. Listening to any of these reveals a shocking pattern of treachery, intrigue and anti-nationalism. 

The latest development in Kashmir where in an FIR had been lodged against a Major and his men, in which they were named too, should come as no surprise to us. These men were attacked by blood thirsty hooligans with stones and an officer was hit and became unconscious too. The savage attackers even wanted to lynch the officer and snatch away his weapons. The convoy had only one choice ahead: to shoot straight at the perpetrators of violence in self-defence. 

The hue and cry which followed was anticipated because the shooting had led to two deaths, which only goes to show that the forces were highly restrained even in the face of the brutal attack. Still, the Pakistani touts and separatists in the Assembly sought an FIR against the forces which just did their job. The language used by the likes of Omar Abdullah only betrayed his family's true nature. 

Be it Farooq Abdulla or earlier, Sheik Abdullah, these pro-Pakistani elements have always taunted the very idea of India. The law-breakers (makers?) are no different from the jihadi elements fanning anti-Indian sentiments in the valley. Systematically eliminating every avenue of entertainment, proper education to the young ones and blocking all development, these anti-nationals have only worked to destroy the peace in the valley. 

Unable to witness the resolve of the forces in dealing with an iron hand any disturbances, the law-breakers of the valley always attempted to tarnish the image of the forces. This filing of the FIR is the new low in their anti-India stand. Why does the government tolerate them still is the million dollar question. 

Should they be allowed to continue barking at India at the behest of their Pakistani masters and jihadist forces? If the alliance of BJP-PDP cannot stop the Mehbooba government from rendering this travesty of justice, then why is the nationalist BJP continuing the partnership unmindful of the venomous association? 

Unfortunately, not a word is heard from the Congress and the other Opposition parties who celebrate the unrest in Kashmir as much as the India-baiters and jihadists do across the borders. Who will drive some sense into them to stop demoralising our forces.