Top 5 Most complicated parts in English Grammar

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 08,2017 , 11:39 AM IST

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If you have ever been outside of your native place or your current place of residence, you are acquainted with the sudden and immediate horror of having to communicate with people of that place in their language. If you are completely new to the language, then vehement repetition of one word you learn from the travel catalog and various hand gestures become your only hope while if you know the language a little, speaking broken dialects of it is, even more, embarrassing an event. We all know how cumbersome this communication becomes.

Thanks to globalization, English has become a regular go to language for everyone around the world. Now, imagine the plight of those poor souls who do not know English or are not very good at it either. They have to go through this awkward uncomfortable situation all the time and have almost made their peace with this difficult way of life.

If any of you relate to this situation, you will agree with me on how much you secretly want to improve your skills to overcome this pesky issue. An English teacher is all you need. As Beryl Bainbridge rightly said “Once the grammar has been learned, writing is simply talking on paper and in time learning what not to say” , Thus it is mandatory to know the top 5 most complicated parts in English Grammar and moreover the method to make it perfect for all.
What to do?
Preplyis an organization that has finally addressed this problem of the non-nativespeakers, making their dreams come true? It is an organization that allows language teachers around the world to help out those in need of it. It gives students an opportunity to fine-tune their language skills or even learn them if they do not know it but wish to. They allow you to learn a language online, without having to leave the comforts of your home or spending unnecessary time traveling to and from tuition.

How can they help?
The English teacher, who you will be entrusted with, will guide you through the entire learning sessions. They guide you according to your current stature and grasp on the language and even prepare you for any external examinations that you might be taking.

The frequency and duration of classes are often decided by the teacher according to the needs of the student. Generally, a 60-minute class, twice or thrice a week is sufficient for a beginner while a long session of about 90 minutes might be recommended if the need be. Each tutor follows their own techniques and aims at improving your communication skills followed by grammar to ensure that you have a strong hold of the subject at the end of the course.

How is the course taught?
The courses are taught according to the current fluency you hold on the subject. They are divided as follows

  • Children’s English – To help children get accustomed to the language and they start incorporating them in their education. As E.B.White put it, “A schoolchild should be taught grammar for the same reason that a medical student should study anatomy”
  • Beginner’s English – This caters to the need of any person interested to learn the language. It allows you to put baby steps into the world of English language.
  • Conversational English – This course is completely focused on the pronunciation and communication skills one needs in English. 
  • Business English – This allows you to learn and apply your language skills in your business and even prepares you for any meetings, presentations or business interactions that you might be needing at the office.
The courses are developed according to the level of language you are in. it includes
1.    Pre intermediate
2.    Intermediate
3.    Upper intermediate
4.    Advanced 
5.    Proficiency

Why should you be interested?
  Qualified Professionals
When searching for an English teacher, there are a lot of concerns you might have and when you are looking to learn something, you would ideally prefer anyone you personally know. There however always remains an ambiguity about their capability. At Preply, all the teachers or tutors have their educational background and qualifications mentioned on their biodata allowing you to take lessons from whoever you deem fit.

Experience at its best

The teachers listed on the website are all highly regarded and experienced people who can guide you towards flawless English. They are also available any time of the day, as and when you need them.


The website lists teachers claiming various different remunerations. It is obvious that the more qualified and more experienced the tutor, more is his demand and hence more his remuneration. The website allows you to decide your teacher according to your budget.

Preply is the best option you have for many other reasons. It does not have problems regarding payment systems as you can pay in your currency. The English Teacher uses your preferred medium of communication be it skype or any other social media, allowing you to feel at home during the lessons and they also hire only native speakers to help you imbibe the correct language and develop impeccable communication skills they way it is meant to be.


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