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Best International Schools follow Effective Teaching Strategies

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 19,2017 , 11:27 PM IST

Brainstorming sessions are a great way to generate creative ides which flow like fruit juices. These sessions in international schools make student’s ability to think critically and analytically. These provide a great platform for students to express their views and thoughts on the subject whether it is right or wrong without any fear. 

International Schools Facilitate Brainstorming in Classroom

Best International Schools follow Effective Teaching Strategies
Best International Schools follow Effective Teaching Strategies

Children get reminded their previous knowledge by forming connections between the current topic and what they have already learned. We at Springboard Academy Tanuku make brainstorming sessions into our classrooms. While focusing on the single idea, students get involved in the discussion and, thus get creative ideas. We set some ground rules in the brainstorming session and facilitate simple brainstorming, group brainstorming and paired brainstorming.

With Role play, International Schools allow Students to explore Realistic Situations

Through the role play in teaching, children step out their comfort zone and develop their interpersonal skills. It works perfectly when history and literature classes are happening. Students would benefit from a little practice with role playing which provides beneficial learning circumstances. Students get deeply involved in the subject and knowledge about the issue when educator applies the role play as an instruction. Students’ realistic behaviour will be out when they are in the role play that can be used to evaluate their skill level and growth of knowledge. At Springboard International School Tanuku our role play methods will help students to understand the academic material which will be relevant to the everyday tasks.

 Springboard Academy encourages the use of Storyboards

If the subject was taught in the form of storyboarding, it would be never forgotten. In this kind of learning, children memorize the subject step-by-step and visualize it with conceptual ideas. To create a popular incident in the history, history teachers can use this visually stimulating activity. Students will be excited to prepare diagrams, maps and timelines with this visual outline. It’s a great technique to convert complex ideas into simple manner. We at Springboard International School in Tanuku use the storyboards as a form of communication and encourage the students to tell imaginary stories in pictures.