Chef Srikanth, Chef Yadaiah and Executive Chef Rakesh from Westin Hyderabad chose Kangan for recreating traditional recipes from three vibrant cuisines – and lo and behold – an entire list of dishes that will be available on alacarte or as a set menu is created and will be available at the specialty restaurant until September 3. 

The three chefs have done quite some research and went back to their homes, dug up the old recipes and recreated their favourite dishes to create amazing Hyderabadi, Telangana and Mughlai dishes that gel with the concept of Kangan, which is predominantly a Northwest cuisine restaurant. 

Chef Yadaiah the smoky ‘Kalchina Mamsam’ is symbolic of the simple cooking methods that create robust and tasty dishes of Telangana cuisine. He brought in the Hyderabadi element with the Machli aur copra la salan (fish cooked in coconut and tomato gravy) and the Masala Parwal – a simple preparation of gourd stuffed with spices and cooked in tomato and green chilli paste. 

Chef Srikanth the regional specialty Natukodi Kura using his family recipe. In addition he brought in his favourite recipes the Gosht Peshawari Qaliyan and Multani aloo. Chef Rakesh too leaned towards the Northern territory and made the Murgh Nizami Pardah, Sarson Machli, Besan Barfi Qaliyan and famous Safed Gosht flavoured with Rosemary-based sauce and served with baida tamater (sautéed tomatoes and baked eggs). 

The Hyderabadi, Peshawari and the Punjabi cuisine have similar influences, the ingredients are same and the cooking procedures too, match – yet there is a distinction that gives unique taste and quality to food from each region and state. Westin chefs banked on the uniqueness and recreated an exhaustive menu and cooked the dishes to perfection with a whole lot of love and care; and together they make for one of the best culinary carnivals.