Organic Food that can be grown at home

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Nov 28,2017 , 10:36 AM IST

Organic Food that can be grown at home
Organic Food that can be grown at home

From farmers’ markets and Community Supported Agriculture, to urban farms and rooftop gardens, to produce delivery services, more and more people across the U.S. are embracing farm-fresh food. 

And for good reason: Locally grown produce tends to be better for the environment and for local communities than its store-bought counterparts. Growing food at home also ensures that growers know exactly where their food comes from and how it was grown (no need to worry about deceptive food labeling).

 If you’re not whipping out the pruning shears yet, consider this: Learning new skills is good for our brains. Luckily, you don’t need to be a farmer (or even live near a farm) in order to reap the benefits of home-grown produce. If you have a sunny window (or two, or five) and a bit of extra time on your hands, then you’re capable of growing your own food right at home. Here is the list of food or plants that can be grown at home.

Garlic Greens
 Mandarin Oranges
Salad Greens

So,i think you are bored seeing this big list.But good health is better than anything.try growing this edible items in your roof top or on in your big garden.

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