India loves traditional food!
India loves traditional food!

Being in the thick of the food industry, Swiggy took a deep dive into its orders to understand what the nation was Swiggy-ing through 2017. Here’s a look at some of the interesting food trends that Swiggy discovered across seven Indian cities. 

Over the past couple of years, India has witnessed a growing appetite for both Indian and international cuisine. In 2017, while Indians showed an interest in exploring and experimenting with their food choices, most stayed indigenous as desi dishes topped the list of most ordered food items online. 

Biryani Continues to Rule 

According to Swiggy’s order analysis, Chicken Biryani continued to rule the palate. Masala Dosa, Butter Naan, Tandoori Roti and Paneer Butter Masala rounded off the top five most ordered items of 2017. 

Most Searched Food Item in India 

While Pizza did not rank amongst the top five most ordered items, it was the most searched for. In fact, Indians have searched for it over 5 lakh times! The other searched items include Burger, Chicken, Cake and Momos. 

When Hunger Strikes Most 

Leaving its mark on the calendar, 3rd December saw maximum foodies order online (on Swiggy). Considering the soaring temperatures during Indian summers, juices and shakes saw a 40 percent increase in average monthly orders during the months of March, April and May.  Overall, Swiggy’s order analysis highlighted India’s love of logging on and dining in across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi- NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Pune. 

The analysis includes meal categories, late-night ordering, snacking, upcoming food trends, desserts, healthy and international cuisine.  Here is a look at what foodies gorged on in 2017.

When Does India Eat Its Meals? 

Breakfast: Masala Dosa, Idli and Vada rule breakfast menus for most Indians. Breakfast is usually ordered at around 9.30am nationally. Chennai starts its day the earliest by ordering its breakfast at around 9.20am with some Pongal, the most preferred breakfast item in the city. 

Lunch & Dinner

For primary meals like lunch and dinner, most people preferred Biryanis (chicken, mutton & veg) followed by Paneer Butter Masala and Masala Dosa, Dal Makhani and Chicken Fried Rice. Most lunch orders are seen at around 1.15pm. Coming to dinners, Mumbaikars seem to be the last ones at the dinner table with maximum dinner orders being placed at 8.58pm.  • Snacks: In 2017, Indians munched the most on Pav Bhaji, French Fries, Samosas, Chicken Roll, Chicken Burger and Bhel Puri. Average time for snacks is 5.03pm.

Late night: The top late-night orders included comfort foods such as Chicken Biryani, French Fries, Butter Chicken and sweet items like Death by Chocolate (chocolate sundae) and Nutella Brownie. Hyderabad tops the charts in making the most late-night orders followed by Bangalore and Delhi.  Fun Facts! 2700 Number of pans ordered by a Swiggy user in Hyderabad in 2017. 1415 The highest orders placed by a single person on Swiggy in 2017.