Ladies! Ladies! Here’s the way to get the right Nutrition

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 25,2018 , 11:38 AM IST

Ladies! Ladies! Here’s the way to get the right Nutrition
The nutrition an individual gets depends in their age, gender, eating habits, socio economic condition, occupation and religion. Irrespective of age, eating patterns should include a balanced meal containing all nutrients in proper proportion for their requirements in accordance with height and weight.

A balanced diet includes the basic five basic food groups

Cereals and their products are a rich source of carbohydrates and rich in B complex vitamins.
Pulses, legumes and lean meats are good sources of proteins. Lean meats yield biological value proteins which serve as the building blocks of our body.

Fruits and vegetables group - leafy, root and other vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and a good amount of fibre.

Milk and milk products are rich in protein and calcium.

Sugar products give energy while fats and oils help in absorption of nutrients.

Water, though not part of any food group, is essential and should be included in a healthy diet. It helps in proper absorption, assimilation, digestion and metabolism of the nutrients consumed.

What should you eat? When should you eat? How should you eat? These seemingly simple questions are often met with contradictory answers m. Dieticians, nutritionists 
, doctors and scientists seem to have different answers and often very conflicting viewpoints. A healthy diet must focus on the following 
Palatability: food must be edible raw. Various studies have shown that only a raw food diet will sustain health at the highest level 

Toxicity: food must contain no harmful substances which can interfere with normal functioning of body 

Digestibility: food must be leave an alkaline residue 

Wholesome: the daily diet must include a variety of nutrients and food factors in a utilisable form.

Food must be seasonal and economical 

Fruits, vegetables, and sprouted nuts and seeds provide maximum biological value to the body. Proper nutrition helps keep the body healthy and beautiful, and can also keep various diseases at bay. Deciding how much of what types of food to eat can sometimes prove difficult, given the choice of easily available convenience.