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THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 04,2017 , 01:12 AM IST


A project backed by Stephen Hawking to search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe has detected radio emissions from space. A mission to explore intelligent alien life in the universe has recorded some mysterious signals coming from a galaxy three billion light years away, according to an Indian-origin scientist working on the ambitious project co-founded by Stephen Hawking.  

Vishal Gajjar is part of the team working under the Breakthrough Listen project - set up by noted physicist Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner - to discover the truth about the universe. The latest fast radio bursts (FRBs) prove their equipment is working well and ready to pick up signs of life if they exist. "We really have no idea about where they come from," according to Gajjar, one of the scientists from the University of California Berkeley Research Centre.

The 'radio bursts' come from a dwarf galaxy three billion light years away from Earth, and have been picked up by the giant Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, USA. A spokesman for Breakthrough Listen said: "The project has detected repeating fast radio bursts, known as FRBs, from the distant universe. "Green Bank Telescope observations of a dwarf galaxy three billion light years away reveal 15 bursts of radio emission.

This is the first time bursts from this source have been seen at these frequencies," according to"When we find the nearest exo-Earth, should we send a probe? Do we try to make contact with advanced civilizations? Who decides? Individuals, institutions, corporations, or states? Or can we as species - as a planet - think together? Three years ago, Voyager 1 broke the sun’s embrace and entered interstellar space.

The 20th century will be remembered for our travels within the solar system. With cooperation and commitment, the present century will be the time when we graduate to the galactic scale, seek other forms of life, and so know more deeply who we are," thus reads an open letter was signed by Yuri Milner, Founder of Breakthrough Prize, Stephen Hawking and others at

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