How about drinking donkey milk for delaying ageing?

By A Nagender | THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 19,2017 , 02:10 AM IST


Khammam: The increase in sale of donkey milk and that too at a whopping Rs 5,000 and more a litre clearly indicates its growing demand. The milk is widely believed to delay the aging process.

In rural India, selling of donkey milk is in vogue from times immemorial. 

However, the donkey milk generated a lot of discussion in the international media when Pope Francis recently went on record stating that he grew up drinking donkey milk. 

Barring Africa, West Asia and some other countries, in many countries consumption of the donkey milk assumed industrial proportions. 

Nomadic tribes moving from a place to another driving donkeys is a common sight not only in India, but also in Chile, Argentina and Latin America. 

In India, children suffering from asthma and breathing difficulties are often administered the donkey milk. It is widely believed that the milk enhances immunity of children. 

In Latin American countries, donkey milk is used as a viable alternative to breast milk. As the milk contains more lactose and less fat than cow’s milk, donkey milk is considered to be closer to human breast milk.

Though the rich and middleclass in urban areas of the country term it as a mere superstition, Ayurvedic texts indicate that donkey milk reduces heat in the body, and keeps skin and lung diseases at bay. 

According to sportspersons, those who take part in running events consume donkey milk. Results from those who regularly consume donkey milk are sure to boost the market for the milk. 

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