Hearing impairment higher in AP
Hearing impairment higher in AP

Guntur: “Hearing impairment cases in children are very high in the states of Andhra Pradesh,Telanagana and the Tamil Nadu and the incidence is higher in AP, lamented Dr Yarlagadda Subbarayudu, famous surgeon from Guntur.

He was addressing the media after successfully performing three cochlear implant surgeries here on Tuesday.

He said that lack of awareness, marriage with the close blood relatives and illiteracy were the main reasons for this problem. He said that in the western countries, immediately after the birth of a child hearing test would be done and by that way within one year after detecting the problem cochlear implant surgery would be done to let the children learn to hear and speak like the rest of their peer groups.

“If a child is deprived of listening and speaking he will lose his entire life. Timely identifying and implanting, will help them a lot. Cochlear implants should be done in government run hospitals in a big way. But our rulers do not know the severity of this impairment,” Dr Subbarayudu said.

He explained that ear formation would be complete by the fourth month in mother’s womb and children would have extraordinary learning capabilities from the age of two till the age of six. There would be more psychological deviations in the hearing impaired children. They lose contact with society and family. So prevention in the early stages is always advisable in such children, he cautioned.