People in queue to withdraw cash at an ATM in Eluru
People in queue to withdraw cash at an ATM in Eluru

 Eluru: Customers of various banks have been facing cash problem following the non-availability of cash in the ATMs in West Godavari district.

The people who eagerly visited the ATMs were disappointed and expressed anger over the non-availability of cash or closure of the ATMs. Over the last 10 days, people have suffered due to lack of cash on hands. ‘No Cash’ notice boards in front of ATMs irked many a customer.

Eluru houses about 50 ATMs under various banks including private sector banks. Except for two or three ATMs, almost all of them were either closed or displayed “NO CASH” boards. Eager civilians went to the ATMs during the Pongal festival only to return home empty handed to celebrate the festival. 

Three working ATMs attracted a huge queue. People tried alternate methods like withdrawals at the banks and faced a similar situation. Moreover, the withdrawal limit has been limited to Rs 20,000, thereby affecting the businesses of traders in the area.

In Akiveedu, three ATMs were closed due to non-availability of cash. The customers expressed their anger at the situation 

In Dwaraka Tirumala and Kamavarapukota, six ATMs were closed for want of cash. The devotees who visited Dwaraka Tirumala faced troubles as there was an urgency of cash to them. 

“The deposits from the customers almost declined during December and the first week of January when compared to deposits in November,” according to bank officials. 

About 39 banks with 615 branches have been working in the West Godavari district. These banks have 671 ATMs in the district. Claiming that the Sankranthi bank holidays have affected cash deposits, officials predict that the cash crunch will continue for another week as they were awaiting deposits from the public.