Stay indoor to avert asthma

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 12,2017 , 10:56 PM IST


Abnormal rise of air pollution levels in the city causes respiratory ailments like Asthma. Inflammation of a person’s airways, narrow swell and production of extra mucus makes difficulty in breathing. In Hyderabad the AQI (Air Quality Index) values are estimated to be 170, which indicate unhealthy Air pollution levels that may cause health complications.

Anybody Stepping out of their homes is exposed to the toxic air and subsequently develops health complications. Due to Toxic air pollution children’s lung growth can be stunted by toxic air which may give rise to Asthma or respiratory ailments at a younger age.

Asthma is a common health issue, which is equal to having an allergy with the symptoms of coughing, wheezing, chest discomfort, burning feeling in lungs. We can control asthma by two medications named Relievers and Controllers.

Relievers are helpful for 4-6 hrs to control the symptoms of asthma. Controllers are moderate; medication helps to treat the underlying inflammation of the airways in a person with asthma. We always educate our patients not to agitate if encountered with asthma. It is as common as any other usual disease and you can control your Asthma.

Two key air pollutants Ozone and Particle pollution can cause asthma. Ozone is often worst in hot summers, especially in afternoon and evenings. Particle pollution is found near busy roads, rush hour and around factories. Smoke from paddy burning and emissions from vehicles add to the pollution levels that cause respiratory problems including asthma.

Avert yourself from Asthma

  • Regular exercise is very important to stay healthy, especially for people with asthma.
  • Use allergy proof pillow and mattresses.
  • In summer, plan your most vigorous activities for the morning. Try to exercise away from busy roads or industrial areas.
  • Exercising indoors is better when ozone levels are high.
  • Use AQI (Air Quality Index) to plan an activity outdoor that can reduce the possibility of asthma.
  • Avoid smoking and do not indulge in drinking too much.
  • Maintain your surroundings clean and neat.
  • Use mask in polluted areas. The usability of mask is only for 8hrs.Replace the mask for every use.
  • Take control of your seasonal allergies.
  • Mental aggravation may lead to asthmatic symptoms. Be careful of not getting mentally excited too much.
However, you cannot cure Asthma Completely but by following the given precautions you can control the disease and prevent Asthma from getting worse.

By: Dr Sudhir Prasad
The writer is a Senior Pulmonology Consultant at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospitals

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