How to bceome a volunteer at cancer hospital in india
How to bceome a volunteer at cancer hospital in india

Volunteer Programme in Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute :
The Department of Volunteer Services is now being established full fledged offering opportunity to Doctors, nurses, patient counselors, Cancer survivors and students from with in the country and outside

Role of Volunteers :

Often called the heart , a volunteer's role is to enhance quality of life by providing comfort, care and support to patients and their caregivers, to share the considerable resources that we have to offer, and to assist faculty and staff in meeting the needs of patients and caregivers.

Who is a volunteer

Committed ,Compassionate, trained and motivated,Good communicators with a desire to help patients and caregivers Diverse in age, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background
Adults, college students and teens and some have had a personal or family experience with cancer; available day, evening or weekend Come and be a volunteer
Interested in taking volunteer Role?

Fill in the volunteer Questioner

If there is a position that matches your interests, skills and schedule, you will be contacted by our Department of Volunteer Services
For more information contact Volunteer Services at 1800 4253 6666