World's heaviest teen from Delhi, operated by doctors
World's heaviest teen from Delhi, operated by doctors

NEW DELHI: The normal body massage index of a person is 22.5 kg/m2. A person is considered obese if the BMI is 32.5 kg. A BMI above 40, 50, 60 is categorised as morbid obesity, super obesity and super-super obesity respectively.

A resident of Uttar Nagar in West Delhi, Mihir Jain, was with a BMI of 92 when his parents brought him to Mad hospital a few months ago for weight reduction surgery. The 14 year old weighed 237kg when he was weighed and he could barely stand. Mihir is the world's heaviest teen to have undergone gastric bypass surgery said Dr Pradeep Chowbey, a veteran bariatric surgery who operated on him. He also told the TOI that he wasn't confident on operating him when he saw him first.

Mihir had a normal weight of 2.5kg when he was born but he gradually started gaining weight. By that age of five he weight 60-70kg said his mother, Puja Jain. She also said that most of their family was overweight so they didn't take it seriously. There came a time when he couldn't walk properly and he had to stop his schooling and that he was thought at home.

They reached out for medical help in 2010 but the doctors said that the boy was too young to undergo surgery.

Mihir told TOI that Pasta was his favorite food and pizza the second. He also said that he spent most of time his time in the house lying down or sitting.

Dr. Chowbey put this boy on a very low calorie diet because he wasn't sure of a successful surgery. A normal diet would contains around 2,500 to 3,000 calories but this diet contain only 800 calories. He also said that he thought that they wouldn't come back because of the restrictive diet but they did and he was happy to see their dedication. His weight reduced to 196kg.

The biggest challenge in operating an extremely obese person is adminstering the anesthesia. It's difficult because of the layers of fat. Also, there is no guideline on the anaesthesia dosage for a person weighing above 200kg. Dr Chowbey said that the doctor relied on their experience to decide on the amount of anaesthesia.

This procedure lasted nearly two and a half hours. The surgery was tedious but he was discharged within a week. He has been asked to follow the diet and he's been coming to hospital for follow up.

Mihir's mother said that they have learnt a lesson about the need to be active physically and on eating clean. She said that she asks her daughter, Nandini, to eat wisely.

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