5 signs that you are not getting enough PROTEIN
5 signs that you are not getting enough PROTEIN

With the food market constantly advertising adding protein to everything, you may want an abundance of these key micronutrients in your diet. But unknowingly an inadequate amount of protein may be ruining your effort in the gym.

While your protein need is based on your body weight and activity levels, researchers agree that an adequate amount of protein keeps the body lean and preserves muscles strength as we age. But if you are unsure about the amount of protein you are getting and are wondering if it’s enough to fuel your fitness goals, here are a few ways to know.

Workout doesn’t entail results 
Protein is crucial for building new muscle mass and also important in sustaining energy and motivation. A low protein diet may make you suffer muscle atrophy which is a condition when your body starts cannibalisation the tissues for fuel. If you don’t serve your muscle composition with adequate protein, no matter how much you work out, the result will always will always be less.

Unexpected Anxiety
Do often lash out at your Co worker or anyone for a minor mistake? Serotonin, a hormone regulates calmness and protein plays an important role by helping the brain synthesize serotonin. Also, regulating the spikes of insulin that occurs as a result of eating carbs, protein keeps your mood stable. So, if you are unable to tame your temper, it could be a sign of protein deficiency. 

Your hair starts thinning 
If you don’t nourish your body with adequate protein, then it looks for some non essential body parts like hair to pull protein form. Once your hair is deprived of the nutrient it needs, it starts thinning or falling out. 

Constant injury 
Apart from muscle loss, lack of protein in diet precipitates several perils including bone loss and osteoporosis. The body also faces difficulty in absorbing calcium which is likely to make you prone to injuries. So if you are constantly injured, you may need a protein pick me up.

Craving for snacks 
If you can’t keep yourself gorging on chips frequently, it may be the time for you to look at your diet. If you don’t supply enough protein to your body it causes spikes and crashes if insulin, resulting in craving for heavy carb foods. Make sure the meals you eat have reasonable amounts of all the three micronutrients, namely proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.

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